Binance guide teaches Passive income money (practicality)

Kawin Mattapa
9 min readOct 14, 2021

The word Passive Income may look too far for beginners. But with this article I will put the coolest innovation on the binance to tell you. Along with teaching how to use Binance to become a powerful tool “Create Passive Income a lot more per day! And sustainable! “
By asking only you to believe and start with the word “faith” that the creation of Passive Income is true and can be done on the binance. I guarantee that when you start a trial of some innovations When the result is born Your life will be light immediately.
Whether you are a binance member, older indigo Or a young boy Who just started studying Binance, this article was written for you.
It is not written for knowledge.
But it was written for “Liberation!”
You are walking over through the fast road travel, shortcuts and is the ultimate beam.

Every innovation that ties with Binance, the author has acted and completed. There is no work or write a trick. In order to rank Google and deceive, you are not stupid binance.
You are ready to walk with me To meet the viewing angle with Passive Income Binance?
You want to go out to life True freedom, right?
You want to release all your money potential. Give yourself and the people around you You were born to be great in the world of Crypto.
This will be again that you walk millions. And they will follow you And appreciate your success on the digital finance world!
You are ready and I am ready too. (Otherwise, you do not read the article here for sure.
Then the fun will start now.

  1. Understand the Passive Income.

If starting correctly Must start to understand the meaning of the word passive income first. The meaning of Passive Income has an interesting academic meaning as follows.
Passive Income is a revenue from real estate rental, or business that does not have to be directly involved in the work. (
Or mean …
Passive Income is an income that you don’t have to use efforts to earn money. Or treat it for revenue Sometimes it should be called progressive revenue. Because it just uses a slightly increased effort Income is enormous.
Examples of income, such as rent, activities that we do not have to participate, interest, dividend, and including various income in digital asset form. (
From both meanings Early teachers can summarize as the specific meaning of the word passive income as follows: …
Passive Income means a little selection activity. But causing results as a continuous income May increase and long Depending on the factors of popularity in that activity (
Therefore, Passive Income is a selection activity. Activities when successfully done Or continue to have income And may increase for a long time ..
What is the question?

Selection activities are activities designed to achieve continuous income. And have a powerful beam system (leverage) in itself Resulting in that activity when completing or doing continuously, it would cause Passive Income.
Examples of digital assets are …
Digital coin accumulation with staking dividends
Adopting the Token that has to do Yeild Farming or Pool in the DEFI market.
Investing in ICO or IDO projects or in the Launchpool system
Digital coin trading with AI Robot (Do not trade yourself)
Token to promote the financial system liquidity (Add Liquidity)
All 5 activities selected above If you act, only one or more things are done. You are creating a PORTFOLIO PASSIVE inCOME on digital assets.
And even more
Discipline (descripline)
You will be able to create great results to change your financial trajectory forever! long
And I have good news
I have written answers Selected activities that will create Passive income for a long time and sustainably for you.
That means you’re just dedicated to doing in the innovation that I offer. It will create great results for you!
Okay, then review the meaning of the word passive income and the word selection. Because in the next section I will present the heart that makes your passive income that is the word%.
How important is it? Why do you know% before finding the next topic?

2.% is the heart in choosing Passive Income

After we know the word passive income, then the next word we have to get to know. And is considered the heart in choosing Passive Income is what is called “%”. What is the word? What is it important? Let’s see.
2.1% What does it mean?
The product of the number of receives received When calculated from the costs entered into the selection activity Each selection will have% that is not the same, such as ..
Deposit 10 ETH in POOL PANCKAGE% 92 APY per year
ICO investment in Token XYO, the amount of 100,000 baht, can return back when the XYO coin enters Exchange is 222% APY.
Deposit USDT at Binance of $ 3,000, then give Robat Trad until 5% per month.
From the entire selection, it is an activity that affects the creation of passive income at all. By seeing that if% The greatest chance that we will receive a lot of high returns as well. Which each activity will have%, it must be tested for yourself.
2.2 Type of% that must be known
In addition to the importance of%, the type of% that we have to know There are 2 types.
APY = Annual Percentage Yield or early interest rates
Apr = Annual Percentage Rate or non-compound interest rate
Therefore, seeing the number of numbers in the digital asset market To separate whether it is an early interest or not The results of both returns are also different.
For the next section We will choose quality selection activities that are in a broker. Is a broker that I think has many brokers (FINANCIAL PRODUCT). Let us start to study and grow financial firmly.
The broker is named Binance …
Why I Choose Binance is the beginning of everyone’s learning. This article has a complaint …

3. Why do I choose Binance as your tool?

There are many sources of tools and selection activities in the most interesting digital world. But the important reason I decided to choose the binance trading board as a starting point to generate different financial results in your future. I have the following reasons:
3.1 There is the highest financial liquidity in the world.
With more trading volume $ 31,072,246,840 (Statistics on 4/26/2021) and continuously increased Until becoming the world’s number one Spot Exchange, according to COINMARKETCAP statistics, resulting in Binance becoming a market with the highest financial liquidity in the world.
No matter what digital coins are in your hands You can definitely sell out here. It makes when we blood selection activities here, no matter how much we can input the principal. We can be sure that Every money we input can change to profit comfortably.
3.2 Easy to apply Confirm identity very fast
If talking about one of the most simple application trades in the world, Binance is considered one of them for sure. You can spend less than 2 minutes of binance subscription.
And take the time to do KYC to confirm the identity at level 1 not more than 3 minutes. Can start using Binance products faster than every market that we know.
3.3 There is the most Passive Income selection activities.
Among DEX, I consider Binance. There are most toys that create the easiest Passive Income and can be used as a master tool for beginners. So when you start having a capital And thinking of wanting to make a stable income Sustainable, think of the binance. Everything you want to become true.
Therefore, for the main reasons 3 of these above I think that if we want to create a passive date 1000 baht per day or more I really want to happen. I think we should start at binance.
By I believe that If you read and follow the details In this article It will take you to travel to a new financial world. Including different results from anyone by the content below from now
I will choose the selection activity.
That created Passive Income immediately
And make you lighter immediately from the start of the selection
Okay, I think you are ready for use. Ready for doing If so, we went to see what the selection of activities that we can use. Binance is a tool for creating Passive Income.
Start at the first tool …

  1. Use AI Robot to trade binance

How to create a 1000 Passive Income with the first binance that is very easy. You almost don’t have to do anything. In addition to top-up capital as USDT to be stored in the Binance account only
For this first method, called the SPOT trading with automatic robots named Saberautotrade Which is developed by the Thai trading team Can make a profit at 5–15% per month

  1. 1 With the simple principle is
    1.Subscribe to
    2.Top up USDT in the Binance account for at least $ 2,000.
    3.Subscribe to SaberAutotrade (application fee of $ 400, pay once)
    4.Select Package Spot (Profit Sharing 60–40,70–30)
    5.Then connect the API Binance with SaberAutotrade.
    Then you don’t have to do anything. Let the bot trading binance instead you by leaving at least 30 days. You will gradually withdraw the USDT profit.
    Below is a real example. Profit for each month of the Binance account tied to SaberAutotrade.

Will see that, as if you are USDT, about 100,000 baht, the robot will make a profit for you more than 5,000–15,000 baht per month and is a passive income income.
No need to watch the screen. Don’t worry about washing the port. Everything let Robot intelligent work only.

2. Buy BNB coins and deposit in BNB Vault.

One Stop Service Passive Income BNB is BNB Valut. Remove the BNB coin. Leave here in one place. Everything is profitable.
If you are a Lisa Blackpink fan, you may have to have a picture of LISA at least two to three images. The same way as the Binance Heart is BNB, which is considered a coin.
2.1 What is Bnb Valut?
BNB Vault is a product compilation of BNB. BNB deposit means joining Launchpool, Savings, Defi Staking and other projects. And create answers At the same time
The response from BNB Vault is the accumulated income of various projects. Which currently has Savings, Launchpool, and Defi Staking
BNB Vault is like participating in the project. Many projects at the same time and calculations Income and interest will be calculated separately. According to the rules of various products
When depositing BNB, the user’s response will be distributed on the next day.
After transferring assets into savings, users will receive interest and income will be calculated on the second day.
2.2 Easy principle in using BNB Valut
1. Must be a member

3. Flexible Savings & Locke Saving savings

Forget how to deposit and receive old interests. Just have a digital coin. One of the following two types is
Stable coin or coin with constant exchange rates include USDT, Busd
Support Coin or general digital coins include BTC, ETH, BNB.
You can immediately bring it to the Binance bank and receive interest at the starting rate from 1.20% and more until 10 percent. The Binance has the type of account that you should know as follows:
Flexible Saving — Savings Account Deposit all the time
Locked Saving-Account Deposit Withdrawn upon maturity
The difference of these two accounts is the same as knowing the deposit you have done at the bank. But with flexibility at the interest rate that increases every second to you No need to wait for 6 months or 1 year. One interest rate
For detailed understanding again Let’s see
3.1 What is Flexible Saving?
Flexible Savings is a Savings account for your Crypto. Release your borrower to receive interest with flexibility in withdrawing money at any time.
The average interest rate of Flexible Savings account deposit is 5% — 10% per year.
3.2 How to use Flexible Saving
If you are interested in selection activities Flexible Saving to create a passive income for you. The following steps are easy to use. Read the end.